From checkpoint to counterpoint: on tour with the Palestine Youth Orchestra

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Most international musicians would baulk at the notion of a two-day journey to final rehearsals past military checkpoints on alert for weapons smugglers ....
22 August, 2019 21:47:03

London Zoo launches its trickiest annual task - the weigh-in

LONDON (Reuters) - Bullfrogs, pythons and penguins were among creatures being coaxed onto the scales at London Zoo this week for the annual check on their weight and size. ....
22 August, 2019 21:45:43

Tiny Nevada town near secretive Area 51 braces for alien hunters

RACHEL, Nevada (Reuters) - Connie West, co-owner of an alien-themed motel in the tiny U.S. desert outpost of Rachel, Nevada, believes they are coming no matter what. Not alien....
22 August, 2019 21:44:56

Artists use street murals to change image of violent Caracas slum

CARACAS (Reuters) - In the sprawling slum of Petare in the east of Venezuela's capital of Caracas, 31-year-old Fabian Solymar begins sketching a mural of abstract figures on a....
22 August, 2019 21:43:31

'People who love life and music' - dance parties return to Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) - Members of rival Iraqi biker gangs, clad in studded leather and black berets, burst out of their semi-circles to break dance, their tattoo-covered ar....
22 August, 2019 21:42:31

Historic Budapest synagogue to reopen amid Jewish cultural revival

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Tamas Irsai was a teenager when he last sang in the choir in Budapest's Rumbach synagogue during World War Two, before most Hungarian Jews were deported t....
22 August, 2019 21:41:25

Samoans ink painful bond with their motherland

APIA, Samoa (Reuters) - Oliver Fagalilo takes a labored breath and tenses his body before a sharp steel comb, dipped in ink, drives into his skin. Six hands keep his body s....
22 August, 2019 21:36:45

Statue of 'comfort women' pulled from Japan exhibit finds new home

MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish businessman has bought a statue symbolizing women forced to work in Japanese military brothels which was removed from an exhibition in Japan after....
22 August, 2019 21:35:30


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