Fun or folly? Another English cathedral installs a fairground attraction

LONDON (Reuters) - When Bishop Herbert started building a new cathedral in the English city of Norwich in 1096, it was unlikely he ever envisaged it would play host to a 50-fo....
14 August, 2019 19:28:24

Peace and love? Think AC, brands and working toilets 50 years on from Woodstock

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Three chaotic days of peace, music, mud and free love helped immortalize the 1969 Woodstock festival as the touchstone of Sixties counterculture. Fi....
14 August, 2019 19:27:14

Rome bans sitting on Spanish Steps, puzzling hot, tired tourists

ROME (Reuters) - You can walk up and down Rome's famed Spanish Steps all you want but don't try sitting down to take in the moment any more because police will shoo you away w....
14 August, 2019 19:25:39

Crowds brave snow flurries to see UK royals Meghan and Harry

BRISTOL, England (Reuters) - Prince Harry and his wife Meghan thanked crowds of well-wishers for braving wintry weather and snow flurries to welcome them on a trip to southwes....
2 February, 2019 12:36:47

Mixed-faith marriage as a way of life in Dubai

DUBAI (Reuters) - For Ali Al Sayed and Mina Liccione, religious tolerance is more than just an aspiration. It's a way of life. Unusually for a couple in Dubai, theirs is a ....
2 February, 2019 12:35:21

Meghan revisits acting past at London theater as 'Suits' return ruled out

LONDON (Reuters) - Meghan, Britain's Duchess of Sussex, visited London's National Theatre as the venue's new royal patron on Wednesday, watching a line-run of a Shakespeare pl....
2 February, 2019 12:33:42

Newspaper owned by Lebanon's Hariri prints last edition

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Readers of the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal leafed through its last print edition on Thursday, its move online underscoring the challenges ailing Lebanon's p....
2 February, 2019 12:19:11

Dior gowns that made headlines star in London exhibition

LONDON (Reuters) - From Princess Margaret's 21st birthday gown to Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet dress, Christian Dior outfits that have made headlines go on show....
30 January, 2019 18:04:51



Meghan revisits acting past at London theater as 'Suits' return ruled out

2 February, 2019 12:33:42

Pets, owners flock to Madrid church for blessing of animals

19 January, 2019 23:30:36

French foie gras makers fed up by toughened California ban

19 January, 2019 23:46:13

Ten-year old Chilean teaches star gazing to classmates

19 January, 2019 23:50:09

Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women

26 January, 2019 12:11:56

Yemeni pet shop survives despite the odds

30 January, 2019 18:00:38

War's terrifying reality made virtual by Red Cross

30 January, 2019 18:02:35

Dior gowns that made headlines star in London exhibition

30 January, 2019 18:04:51

Netflix, local rival Hotstar to censor content in India - sources

19 January, 2019 23:29:08

Banksy 'snow' pollution mural sold for over $130,000

19 January, 2019 23:48:30

Vegetarian's Wurst nightmare? Germany's sausage hotel

27 January, 2019 11:16:00